Only virtual meetings are allowed until further notice.

Cardiovascular Labmeeting

Author: Lorenz Leuenberger
Title: Zoom Journal Club: Ablation of PLB rescues reperfusion arrhythmias but exacerbates myocardium infarction in hearts with CaMKII constitutive phosphorylation of RyRs.
Valverde CA, Mazzocchi G, Di Carlo MN, . . . . Kranias EG, Wehrens XHT, Mattiazzi A. . Cardiovasc Res. 2018;115:556–569.
Today 10:00

Neuromeetup November

Author: Camille Gontier
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Location: Seminarraum 259, Institut für Physiologie, Bühlplatz 5
Wed 4. November 2020 17:00