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D. Dold, A.F. Kungl, J. Sacramento, M.A. Petrovici, K. Schindler, J. Binas, Y. Bengio, W. Senn.
Selected talk at Cosyne: Lagrangian dynamics of dendritic microcircuits enables real-time backpropagation of errors. 2019

T. Wunderlich, A.F. Kungl, E. Müller, J. Schemmel, M.A. Petrovici.
Brain-Inspired Hardware for Artificial Intelligence: Accelerated Learning in a Physical-Model Spiking Neural Network. 2019 DOI

A.F. Kungl, D. Dold, O. Riedler, M.A. Petrovici, W. Senn.
Bernstein Conference - Berlin: Deep reinforcement learning in a time-continuous model. 2019 DOI

J. Jordan, J. Sacramento, M.A. Petrovici, W. Senn.
Cosyne: Error-driven learning supports Bayes-optimal multisensory integration via conductance-based dendrites. 2019 pdf