Research Techniques


  • Whole-cell patch clamp
  • Calcium- and voltage-sensitive dye imaging
  • Multi-electrode array recordings (MEA)
  • Electroretinogram recrodings (ERG)
  • Extracellular recordings from viusal cortex (V1) and visual thalamus (LGN)

Molecular Techniques

  • AAV packaging
  • AAV capsid evolution
  • Expression profiling (in situ hybridization, RT-qPCR, Western Blot)
  • State-of-the art molecular cloning and engineering, incl. computational modelling

Cellular Techniques

  • Cell culture
  • Human retinal tissue culture
  • Transfection/transduction/transgenic lines
  • Immunocytochemistry
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Fluorescence- and magnetic activated cell sorting (FACS and MACS)
  • Intracellular pathway assays (cAMP, Ca2+, etc)

Visual Behavior Tasks

  • Optokinetic reflex
  • Water maze visual learning task
  • Open field test
  • Pupillary response
Patch-clamp recording from a retinal bipolar cell
A: Patch-clamp recording from a retinal bipolar cell, in a healthy (top) and treated blind (bottom) retina. B: Mouse in the optokinetic reflex drum. C: Antibody-labelled retinal section from a gene therapeutically treated mouse. D: Human retinal explant and therapeutic AAV.